Boreal Zinc Powder

Boreal Zinc Powder

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Dogs need zinc for healthy coats and for normal pigmentation of the coat hair. Boreal is a patented organic source of zinc for animals. Boreal is made by linking the amino acid methionine with zinc to form a structure that can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Zinc serves two broad functions; Enzyme function and protein synthesis. This enables proper cell reproduction in skin, coat, foot pads and nails which consist of mostly protein.
Even if a dog is fed a premium pet food or a special diet, and is still having skin & coat problems they may be Zinc deficient.

Here are some symptoms of zinc deficient dogs:

  • Chronic hair loss, excessive Shedding (not associated with seasonal shedding)
  • Dull coats with Slow & Sparse hair growth
  • Dry Flaky Skin, & Itchy Conditions
  • Poor quality Footpads & Nails
  • Hot Spots, Rashes
  • Dogs that have been diagnosed as having Allergy conditions
  • Skin Scabs on the abdomen & thighs
  • Dogs with excessive skin wrinkles, that tend to develop a Wet Skin condition

Zinpro is not harmful. It is not a drug. It causes no side effects and is not toxic.

If?яyour dog is receiving a high grain based diet, it may be ingesting high levels of phytates that interfere with the absorption of dietary zinc. If an animal is receiving a high meat diet, it may be acquiring excessive phosphorous and calcium levels, which can also inhibit the absorption of dietary zinc. Therefore, use of a readily bioavailable zinc source like Zinpro Canine Supplement may be advisable.?я Unlike synthetic zinc compounds, which are often excreted soon after they are consumed, and zinc oxide and zinc sulfate, which must combine with specific organic compounds before the zinc becomes available, Zinpro is quickly and easily absorbed by the body. And because Zinpro Canine Supplement has a palatable base, administration problems can be significantly reduced.

Zinc is involved in most of the enzymes systems of the body. However its main involvement is with protein synthesis, and the proper function of your dogs  autoimmune system.

Skin and coat are mainly made up of protein, requiring substantial amounts of bioavailable zinc to aid in the maintenance and repair (healing) of skin tissue. The autoimmune system in your dogs body allows the animal to fight off infections, as well as maintaining its own healing process. A readily available source of zinc is necessary for the dog to heal skin which has been injured due to scratching, flea bites, allergies. Zinpro is not a drug. It is a mineral, non toxic, and safe.  Zinpro does not contain cortisone.