Hi…..I just bought your tartar buster bone for my Golden….I have tried so many products to keep his teeth clean….his teeth were completely covered with tarter..his upper large upper back teeth were totally covered..I was so worried his gums were bad…you product amazed me in a matter of a few hours of chewing on the bone…So thank you so much.


I have seen increased energy in both of my girls.  Jasmine is 15, a little, Lavender, age10, a lot.

Lavender is more ‘full of beans’ than I’ve seen her in a long time…..we’re going to stock in some new toys Mike.  Hahaha.




Al and I (and our puppies) love K9 Kanteen – Ottawa’s Mobile Pet Store!!! The free delivery (we live in North Gower) is so convenient for us and you offer amazing high quality food, treats and products!! Always so pleasant to deal with it! We love that you offer Taste of the Wild products and your newsletter is very informative!! Our dogs coats have never been shinier and smoother thanks to your products!! Thanks so much K9!


I love K9 Kanteen – Ottawa’s Mobile Pet Store their prices are excellent and they always include a sample for our puppy Winnie to try. We also received a puppy welcome pack from them the first time we ordered! Cannot say enough great things about their awesome products, service and delivery right to your front door! Dog food is heavy people, really heavy! Thanks for all you do.


I am really enjoy the delivery service of K9 Kanteen. My Gizmo’s coat is so soft from the Taste of the Wild and the wonderful bones.



Thank you very much for delivering our order. I was floored by the number of treats and food samples that you sent. Thank you very much! I am sure I will be ordering again!





We have been customers of K9-Kanteen for almost 6 years now, after purchasing our beautiful lab, Hershey from “Mooslake Labradors” in the spring of 2008.  Phil and I are thrilled with the ongoing support we continue to receive from K9-Kanteen, and as we know that they only stock the best products, we never have to be concerned about what we are purchasing from them. We get all this, delivered right to our front door.


We purchased the double tooth rake for Rebel and it is the best thing that we have used to minimize the shedding – it has made a world of difference. Highly recommend